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2005 Playlist Archive

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Playlist for 01.05.05

You call it all request show!


Playlist for 01.12.05 

Sobriquet - Cotton Wool
Jan Morrison - Dwell in my Love
Rada & Ternovnik - The Time Will Come
Christia Mantzke - Alone Forever
Deborah Crooks - You Are Mine
Gilli Moon - Damaged or Broken
Daize Shayne - Reach
Queen Esther - Talkin' Fishbowl Blues
Sara Marlowe - Let Them Stay
Stefanie Haffner - Las Vegas
Caroline Gulde - Best of Me
Eden Automatic - Alien Porn Star
(Slappy's Pick! - First Official Pick of '05)

Playlist 01.19.05 

Darling Sinister - Madre
Sparlha Swa - Love Addiction
Debora Levoy - God Watch My Back
Pamela Thomas - Left Over Fool
Francesca Battistelli - Just a Breath
The Chop Chop - Machine
Emily - Muted
Rise - Don't Stop the World
Kim DiVincenzo - Spin'Round
Sugarmam - Nedozimai
TagYerIt - Connections
Eden Automatic - Don't Wake Becky (Byrd's Pick!)

Playlist 01.26.05 

Lula - Special
Lee Lindsey - Who's To Blame?
Susan Souza - Stay Awhile
Christina Sanchez - Run Away With Me
Tracy Jane Comer - Baggage
Kacey Jones - Every Man I Love is Either Married, Gay or Dead
Tressie Seegers Band - Bombs and Onions
Amy Pine - Hit by Lightning
Tiffany Petrossi - Flying High
Of Infinity - The Voice Without
Ripley Caine - Love What You Do
Eden Automatic - From the Other Side of the Bed 
(Nette's Pick)

Playlist 02.02.05 

Lynette Vantreese - Postcards from a Dead Man
Bandmates - Scared
Melineh Kurdian - Devil's Girl
Robin Stone Band - Black White Full
Carrie Weiland - It's the Love Of
Anna Cheek - Run So Fast (from The Goddess Within)
Queen Esther - Taster's Choice
Ciao Bella - Ground Above You (Suicide)
Sweet Jelly - Them
Akradia - Magazine
Eisley - Telescope Eyes
Eden Automatic - Once Again

Playlist 02.09.05

Gigi - Glide on Through
Leslie Morgan - Miss Behavin'Twistin'Jack
Wendisue-the Sickness
Sarah Fimm - Alien Boys
Sheena Morris - Runnin
Antoinette Verzonilla - World's Got Me Tied
April - Angel
Mongolodian - Glow
Moody - Billie Starr
Starlyte Lyrics - Alien Starlyte
The Stone Coyotes - If You See the One
Eden Automatic - From the Other Side of the Bed


Playlist 02.16.05 

Kim DiVincenzo - Sweetest Dream
The Chop Chop - Pinched
Trinity Demask - Third Road Home
Dark Blue World - Ordinary
Semokee - On The Rise
Dream Aria - Promise
Girl Parts - I'm High
Darling Sinister - Sound of Nothing
Helmut Stein - Last Call
Miss Behavin' - My Old
Disha - Drowning in Grace
Eden Automatic - The Truth

Playlist 02.23.05

Kristy Hanson - Half the Moon
Diane Postell - Mister Mess
Amy Courts - In You
Emily - The Thoughts of a Spoon
The Sharp Ease - Advantage
Kelda - Special
Rachael Sage - Bravedancing
Javelyn - UggaBugga
SherryK - Shadowland
RPM - Don't Be You
The Babylon Cowboys - Reflection
Eden Automatic - Pretty Boys in Pleather

Playlist 03.02.05

Lori O'Connor - Niagra
Courtney C. Patty - Just Fine (from the Goddess Within)
Amy Antin - Mercy (One World Beat Artist)
DJ Come of Age and Sweden's Slowmo and Pontus Lund - Pearl
Alice Lee - A New Bruise
Helmut Stein - Uptown Game
Victoria Vox - What's Good For me
Michelle Albano - Enough
Sobriquet - London
Kelly Buchanan - Letter
Eyestone - Never Enough
Eden Automatic - Waiting For the Sun

Playlist for 03.09.05

Deborah Levoy - God Watch My Back - (Goddess Within)
Dafni - Red
Gypsy and Crazymoon - All out of Lies
Ann-Marita - Face in the Crowd
Vicki Blankenship - Horizons
Fire Bug - Girl
Ayanda - Sugar (One World Beat)
Valerie Jay & the Americanos - Care to Remember
Tiffany Shea Band - Prodigal
Soma Mestizo - Coming & Going
Prima Donna - Not Having Fun
Eden Automatic - Don't Wake Becky

Playlist March, 16 

Kim Meredith - Take Me On the Road
New Telepathic Friends - Allstars
Dianna Paige - I'm Leavin' You Baby (The Goddess Within)
Kelda - Pavement (Live ON-AIR performance)
Kelda - Love to Love You (Live ON-AIR performance)
Bulan - Tonight (OWB)
Kasia - Mumi (OWB)
Kedash - I love You (OWB)
Roberta Chevrette - Takes Me Back
Robin Stone - Cold Water
Kelda - Let It Go (Live ON-AIR performance)
Eden Automatic - Undress

Playlist 03.23.05

Flood - Blood Dries (The Goddess Within)
Kim DiVincenzo - Sweetest Dream
Manifest Frequency - Breathe
Elena - Last Night On Earth (OWB)
Christa Black - God Loves Ugly
Laura Wood - I am Your Lover
Matt Jordan with Kellie Sae - Who I Wanna Love
Leland - Mercy
Darling Sinister - Sound of Nothing
Paperboy Jack - Pause
Katie Mac - Poseidon's Son
Eden Automatic - Say You're Sorry (The Goddess Within)

Playlist 03.30.05 

Switchyard - Virgins
Girl In The Band - Get the Picture
Rachel APP - All My Efforts
Maggie Austin - Taking Time
Sarah Glynn - Should I Could I
Cheryl Hill - I Hate Everything
Mara Tease - Touch of Your Hand
Gilli Moon - Damaged or Broken (Goddess)
Mani - Cast Your Spell
Mary Lemanski - Lullaby
Larissa Lam - Revolutionary
Eden Automatic - Pretty Boys in Pleather

Playlist 04.06.05

Gypsy Butterfly - Mask
Debbie Hennessey - This Ain't About You
Renee Sebastian - Simple Woman
The Histroniks - Girl in a Cube
Joselyn & Wild Roots - Shape Shifting
Aguaguego - Guardians of the Land
Francesca Battistelli - Just a Breath
Karma - Cool Cool Water
Johnny Philko - The Harbinger
The Catholic Girls - Rock'n America
Love Alien - Little Girl
Eden Automatic - Dear Prudence

Playlist 04.13.05 

Jamie Green - I'll Never Give Up On You
Old Dog New Trick - I Need Your Love
Wildsang - Knockin'
Kim Erin - Fly Away
Neon Venus - Beso a Beso
Katie Davis - She Hates Love Songs
Kelda - Special
Disha - Gentle Rain
Dream Aria - Spirit
Adrian and the Sickness - I Run
Sugarmam - Nedozima
Eden Automatic - Spy or Whatever

Playlist 04.20.05

Ellen Rosner - Ready, Steady, Go!
Soul ID - Believe
Red to Violet - Here I Am
Wyndy Hensley - Scream
Cookie Cutter Girl - Jenny
Dawn DeSimone - Ave A Me
Charlie White - Drive Drive
Amee Chapman and the Big Finish - Tattoo Cowboy
Matt Jordan and Kellie Sae - If I Still Loved You
Jo D'Anna - Warrior Queen (from The Goddess Within CD)
Claire Moss - Time
Eden Automatic - Once Again

Playlist 04.27.05

Jess Yoakum - Emily's Song
Carrie Lennard - You Make Me Sing
Judi Nichol - Magnolia (The Goddess Within)
Tangerine - I Wanna Be Adored
Mani - Down by the Ocean
Fire Bug - Silence Kills
Emily - Muted
The Chop Chop - Love Will Tear It
Sparlha Swa - Love Addiction
Sharma - Hand Stamp
Sarah Fimm - Running from the Whole
Eden Automatic - I'll Love You to Death

Playlist 05.04.05 

(It's not you it's me - we had some technical difficulties in the beginning so the stream cuts out - I replaced the song files so they are uninterrupted but there is some sputtering during our conversation..Stick with it, Marina is a wonderful guest, the songs are all sputter free, I edited out the blank spots, and halfway through the interweb decided to behave itself :) )

Marina V CD Release Party (Simple Magic) 
  In My Head
  Simple Magic
  I'll be Allright
  Underneath Your Sky
  Pesnya O Tebe
  Killing My Dream
Xavier - You Got It
Datri Bean - Slow Down Summertime
Bell the Cat - Untamed Heart
Kimberly DiVincenzo - Cold Season
Marianne Kesler - Always (The Goddess Within)
Eden Automatic - Don't Wake Becky

Playlist 05.11.05 

Special "Hep C Aware" The Internet Telethon Show

The Misfortunes - Disease - Hep C Aware
Amilia Spicer - Seamless - Hep C Aware
Ballentine - Tired of You - Hep C Aware
Simply Complex - Soul Train - Hep C Aware
Gwen Cardenas & Kin - Legend In His Own Mind - Hep C Aware
Gilli Moon - Hollywood- Hep C Aware
Kelly's Lot - Today- Hep C Aware
Charissa Johnson- Thought I Might Try
Julieanne Dous - Reflections
Gwyneth Baillie - Little Boy Lost
Emily Zuzik - Fly
Eden Automatic - Say You're Sorry (The Goddess Within)

Playlist 05.18.05 

Nourishment Electric - Postcards
Old Dogs New Tricks - Songbirds
Oho - Shouts in the Street
Marqseven - Gits Me high (The Goddess Within)
Mani - Down by the Ocean (Listen to win a Free CD!)
Wendisue - Funky Road
V.K. Lynne - Black Halo
Jana - Heya
Soma Mestizo - Eagle Screaming
99 Names of God - Red Moon
DarkBlueWorld - Shine
Eden Automatic - Pretty Boys in Pleather

Playlist 05.25.05 
ALL REQUEST - "You Call It Show"

Eden Automatic – “Say You’re Sorry (The Goddess Within)” – 05.11.05 show
Kacey Jones – “Every Man I Love Is Either Married, Gay Or Dead” – 01.26.05 show
Javelyn – UggaBugga” – 02.23.05 show
Alice Donut – “I Walked With A Zombie” – 06.07.04 show
Eden Automatic – “Russian Blue” – 11.24.04 show
Tiffany Shea Band – “Prodigal” – 03.09.05 show
Pamala Thomas – “Left Over Fool” – 01.19.05 show
Jana – “Heya” – 05.18.05 show
Girl Parts – “I’m High” – 02.16.05 show
Karma – “Cool, Cool Water” – 04.06.05 show
Ember Swift – “Rubber Bullets” – 03.24.04 show
Tagyerit – “Connections” – 01.19.05 show
Eden Automatic – “Miss Revolution” – EA archives
Red To Violet – “Here I Am” – 04.20.05 show
Leigh Silver – “Everything” – 07.07.04 show
Somebody’s Sister aka Eden Automatic – “Barney” – 08.13.03 show

Playlist 06.01.05

Franki Baaz - Over Sexed Hot Mama
Honey Brown - Where Did The Love Go?
Kedash - Grown Folks
Mica Lee Williams - John Lennon
divineMAGgees - North Carolina
Roberta Chevrette - Takes Me Back
Tokyo Rose - Tokyo Rose
Bettie Black - Watch Kenya
Six Foot Savage - Warrior
Unisex Salon - She Got Shot
Atomic Swindlers - Float
Eden Automatic - Don't Wake Becky

Playlist for 06.08.05

Carla Holden - Better Days
Spun - Spun
The Kimberly West Band - Something Right (The Goddess Within)
Atomic Mint - You Can Bother Me
Leandra Hill - Somewhere In Between
Cindy Lu - Every Life Tells a Story
Friendly Fire - Catfight
Jennifer Perryman - Dear One
Stephanie Hooker - Eyes I Can't Read
Society's Child - Everything
Maria Orieta - Dancing Alone
Eden Automatic - The Truth


Anzura - yA Vspomnyu tebya (from Plastilinovy JiNN)
Gilli Moon - Undone
Kim DiVincenzo - Wasted Time
Renee Asteria with WeA-Dem - Sweet
Lynn Julian - Julian
Elisa Korenne - Marrow
Skyla Spencer - You Said You'd Call Me
Emily Lord - Paris
Robin Wynn - Bait
Downward Dog - Riptide
RPM - Don't Be You
Eden Automatic - Waiting for the Sun

Playlist 06.22.05

Rachel Rossos - Mom's Favorite
Rustie Blue - The Devil May Care
Saturday at 11 - how Many Chances
Joan Enguita - Walk a Mile in My Shoes
Leanne Kingwell - Show Ya What
Talk Engine - Beating the Deuce
Tina Angotti - It's Alright
Ain't Nothin Changed - Rockin' a Baby
Erica Brooke - Satisfies
Javelyn - Someone's Kid
Sugarmam - Listopad
Eden Automatic - Dear Rose

Playlist 06.29.05 

Aerin Tedesco - Fuel - The Goddess Within
Abigail's Attic - Sky Blue Pink
Christene LeDoux - The Entertainer
Javelyn - Cut to the Chase
Jillian Santella - This Misery is the Company I Love
sPunky roskester (Elin Jr) - Friend from the Moon
Sobriquet - You don't let Anyone Understand You
Rachel Sage - Sacrifice
The Histrioniks - Girl in a Cube
Red to Violet - Here I Am
Tuna Helpers - Hold This
Eden Automatic - I'll Love You to Death

Playlist for 07.06.05

Alice Jean - The Last Time I Was Down (The Goddess Within)
Fire Bug - Silence Kills
Gilli Moon - Hollywood
Charis - Hippie Kai Yea
Linda Bonadies Doin Time
Cindy Lu - Two Sides
RPM - Skin Deep
Tess Jackson - If I Could
Cheryl Bliss - Fast As I Can
Ana Lovelis - Wet
Indicia - Powder
Eden Automatic - From the Other Side of the Bed

Playlist for 07.13.05

Denise Peachey - Roll With Me Baby
Emith - San Bernadino
Bell the Cat - Untamed Heart.mp3
Manifest Frequency - I.mp3
Nourishment Electric - The Train Song
Amy Fox - House of Thick Skin
Monica Yonge - All That Matters.mp3
Esmirelda & The Tidbits - Ripped Up Valentine
Patti DeRosa - The Big Butt Blues
Sara Marlowe - Fall Down on My Knees.mp3
Robin Wynn - Oblivion
Eden Automatic - The Truth

Playlist for 07.20.05 

in memoriam to Pamuk we will be playing music only...songs I like, songs I think Pamuk would like, and songs that remind me of her...
there will be no talking, just music. 

July - Vanessa Peters
Sweet Patty - Christene LeDoux
Pesnya O Tebe (Song About You) - Marina V
Fuel - Aerin Tedesco
Madly - Christa Black
Girl in a Cube - The Histrioniks
Save my Dreams - Dafni
Plato's Regret - Elizabeth Roth
Muted - Emily
Painted on Smile - Camille Bloom
The Way of the World - Queen Esther
Thank You - Christin Cook
What If - Rachel Sage
Here I Am - Red to Violet
Magic Ocean - Jackson Daly
True Love's Eyes - Rise
Paperbacks & Photographs - Blue Background
This Misery is the Company I Love - Jillian Santella
Fall Down on My Knees - Sara Marlowe
Can You Hear Me? - Prospect Pl
Empty - Loni Pont
Bitter Remedy - Corduroy Jones
Push Girl - Lisa Alice
Stay - Tina Angotti
Fly Away - Kim Erin
Dissolve - 99 Names of God
While Unseen Angels Hover - The Stone Coyotes
Dear Rose - Eden Automatic

please visit and to see some
beautiful pictures and leave a note in her guestbook.

Playlist for 07.27.05

Smith Island - Coma
Matt Jordan with Kelli Sae - Who I Wanna Love
Katherine Aelias Band - Rain
Jenn August - Beautiful
Emily - April the 28th
Tracy Comer - Baggage
Angelspit - Maggot
Ballentine - Cherrybomb
Andrea Hubbert - Oasis
Amy Fox - House of Thick Skin
Lexi Street - Monday Morning
Doug Conlon/Eden Automatic - Pamuk's Lullaby

Playlist 08.03.05

Charity Angel - Standing on the Outside
Linn Brownn - Love vs Disaster
Lady Jane Grey - Sweetest of Days
Juniper - Naughty Girl
Andrea Bunch - ColorLoc (The Goddess Within)
Dianne Jessurun - Take Me (Diz Mix)
Sherese - Where Did Our Love Go
Kisha Griffin - My Life
Daize Shayne - Naughty
The Platforms - Walk of Shame
Raven Hill - Trains at Midnight
Eden Automatic - Undress


Playlist 08.10.05

Anemo - Fall Out Renegade
Angela Fischetti - Yemaya Assessu
Bloodwire - Relinquish
Diane Durrett - Love
Kristy Thirsk - Over It
Judy Klass - Drunk on One Corona
The Googe - Dear God
The Enablers - Lover
Leiana - Surfy Punky
Suzka - Make It Better
The Fallen One - Shadows
Eden Automatic - Don't Wake Becky


Gadget White - Take Me Down
Something for Jess - Here All Alone
Kellyz Lot - Strong Girl
Bell the Cat - To the Moon Alice
Eileen Carrey - Hollywood
Eldorado - Jaded Judy
Leanne Kingwell - Blind
Roxie Sakura - I'm Stronger
The Golden Chariots of Mars - Shine
Ethereal - One Cigarette
RPM - Don't Be You
Eden Automatic - Once Again


Playlist 08.31.05

Larissa - Call Me Crazy
Kris Miller - Deep
Lynda McLaughlin - Matters Most
Amy Vee and the Virtues - One Hand
Diggsville - Daze of Normal Life
Jenae - A Flower
Kelda - Special
Riddle the Sphinx - Shepherd's Hill
Fresh Nelly - I Love to KK
Soraia - Jaguar Shark
Legless - Cellophane
Eden Automatic - Vampire Discotheque

Playlist for 09.07.05

Disha - Drowning in Grace
Barbi Hennessy - Reason for Change
Kimberly DiVenczo - Moving
Athena Reich - How Can I Sleep?
Melineh Kurdian - As Good As You
Vanessa Boyd - Token Comforts
Emily - Muted
Oho - Shouts int he Street
Red to Violet - Here I Am
Indicia - Powder
Bloodwire - Accusations
Eden Automatic - Waiting for the Sun

Playlist 9.14.05

Smith Island - Coma
Natalie Grace - Angels, My Guardian Angels
Katherine Aelias Band - Rain
Rebekah Jordan - Dreams
Alexis Booth - Begin Again
Tracy Comer - Baggage
Kristy Coote - I'm Not That Girl
Matt Jordan with Kelli Sae - Who I Wanna Love
Debbie Hennessey - This Ain't About You
Love Alien - Little Girl
Lexi Street - Monday Morning
Eden Automatic - Need


Folk Goddess - I'm Right Here
Crystal Brandt - Watch What You're Saying
Ember Swift - Rubber Bullets
Maggie Austin - Rain on a Tin Roof
Scarlett Pomers - Valentine
Semokee - Taste of my Mind
Harlow - Beautiful Hell
Eisley - Telescope Eyes
Blare Bitch Project - Numb
Triprocket - Calling Out
Tiffany Shea Band - Prodigal
Eden Automatic - Pretty Boys in Pleather

Playlist 10.05.05

Valleri Sauro - Mountain Sunset
Diane Durrett - The Changes
Anemo - Fallout Renegade
Xylah Freds - Never Miss
Midtown Dickens - A.M. Dial
Libby Johnson - Don't Mean You Lost Your Love
Gypsy - Breathless
ALyX! - ParaNOID!
Kosmic Daydream - Livin' Lies
The Dirty Little Heaters - Save Me
Jerra - The Others
Eden Automatic - Thus (World Premiere)

Playlist for 10.12.05

Sarah Micol - A Long Way
Lisa Dawn Miller - I Won't Remember Ever Loving You
Lisa Moscatiello - Ashtray
joHaRi - Mascara Mess
ALyX! - Look At You
Bandmates - Scared
Melissa Mullins - Tumbling Out
SJ Tucker - The Pixie Can't Sleep
Maren Morris - Walk On
Mosaic Minds - You
3 Kisses - Yellow
Eden Automatic - Undress

Playlist 10.19.05

Rustie Blue - Cloud of Dust
Xavier - You Got It
Diane Durrett - Circles
Debbie Hennessey - This Ain't About You
Teddi - I Am Free
Datri Bean - Slow Down Summertime
Sara Oliveira - I'll Show You
Saturday At 11 - Firefly
Showin' Tell - Farewell
The Tami Show - Annabelle Lee
Flying Venus - Darkness
Eden Automatic - From the Otherside of the Bed

Playlist 10.26.05

Darling Sinister - Madre
Loudlife - Cradle to Crypt
Collide - Crushed
Dark Blue World - Sin Coming In
Neon Venus - Vampire
Necrotonz - La Petite Morte
Alice Donut - I Walked with a Zombie
Harlow - Evil Twin
Hate in a Box - Porcelain
Soma Mestizo - Coming and Going
Love Alien - Little Girl
Eden Automatic - I'll Love You To Death

Playlist 11-02-05

Anne Miller -Taken Apart
Teddi - You Are the Universe
Dina Gathe - Solid Ground
Lisa Moscatiello - You re Crying
Katie Michaelson - Always
Melissa Cox Band - Elijah Elijah
Rebecca Worthley -The High Street
Drew Tichnell - A Regular
Baby Jane Hudson - Erogenous
Gilli Moon - Hollywood
Kathy Greenholdt & the Edsel Bros -The Motions
Girls on Film - Remote Control
Eden Automatic - Russian Blue

Playlist 11.09.05

Carol B - Spontaneous
Diggsville - Daze of Normal Life
Kathy Fleishman - Dreaming European
The Histrioniks - Girl in a Cube
Carrie Weiland - It's the Love Of
Cookie Cutter Girl - Other Girls Do
Kathy Moser - Wings over Water - Waiting for the Light
Bloodwire - More than Life
Elleeven - Rolling Stone
Renee Asteria - Oblivion
Triprocket - Coming Back
Eden Automatic - Utopia

Playlist 11.16.05 

Oho - Shouts in the Street
Halie - Loren Sisters
Debbie Hennessey-  Midnight to Cinderella
Emily Zuzik - That's the Way
Flying Venus - Wild Heart Girl
Soraia - Live Cell Phone Chat!
Soraia - Jaguar Shark
Lola's - Crush Believe
Kelda - Special
Amanda Rootes - Fade
Eden Automatic - Thus

Playlist - 11.23.05  More RADIO Less NETTE!

Shannon - Deceived
Jess Pillmore - Desperate Dreams
Katie Davis - She Hates Love Songs
Lauren Hoffman - Broken
The Marianne Pillsburys - Girls Night Out
Amppez - Your Smiling Face Is About to Break
Echoset - Been Here Before
Switchblade Kittens - All Cheerleaders Die
Vergitini - My Life - Call Me Crazy
Sara Wendt - A Word About Last Night
SuneV - A Donde Voy
Gina French - Break the Silence
Aroarah - In Dreams
Janubia - Setah
Red Veda - Crush
Alla - Invisible
Allie Moss - You
Carrie Wade - It's Just Blood
Danielle Swaby - Best Friend
Deb Barber - Little Bit of Mmm Mmm
Dina Gathe - Alone
Kaz - I Should Just Go Home
Julia Jane - Deaf to the letters L.O.V.E.
Eden Automatic - The Truth

Playlist 11.30.05

Jess Yoakum - Emily's Song
Adrienne Nightingale - I Stay Till 1
Two Harps - Shady Grove
Trina Willard - Prayer
Alice Dean - Hungry Ghosts
The Brooke Pennock Band - This Mind
Johanna Stahley - I'm Not Perfect
Linda Smith - Like It Is
Red Bacteria Vacuum - Roller Coaster
NinaB - For the Ladyz
Sonia and Disappear Fear - The Other Man
Jillian Wheeler - Dandelion
Monkey Strikes - You Hate my Beautiful Love
Lotta Wenglen - Mayfly
Amanda Rootes - Gently Breaking
Shaunna Hall - Beauty Sleeps
Belladonna - Black Swan
Eden Automatic - Russian Blue

Playlist 12.07.05

Tinstad and Rumbel - Stars
Gilli Moon - Damaged or Broken
Linq - Don't You Understand
Kathy Fleishmann - Eyes like Natalie Wood
Nunez - Cry Mercy
April Dawn - Something to Say
Teddi - If Only
Casey Desmond - Scenario
Emily White - River of Forgetfulness
Custom Made Scare w/ Amanda Rootes - Step In Line
Deb Barber - I Wanna Know Who You Are
Diana Steele - Love Me
Afterthem - Watching Them Come and Go
Crash Henry - Crazy
Hate in the Box - Bloody Ballerina
Eden Automatic - Utopia

Playlist 12.14.05

Ellen Rosner - Ready Steady Go!
Toni Sicola - Maybe
Shelley Miller - Hurricane
Shanna & the Hawk - Married on the Moon
Baily - Sleep
RoGue - Aim
Faith Schwartz - Prisoner of Conscience
Virginia Haze - Can't Wait for the Summer
Patti Witten - Black Butterfly
Flying Venus - Don't Trust You
Halie Loren - Sand
The Domestics - Anorexic Love Song
Third Eclipse - Insecticide
Jacinta & Barnes - Sunshine (Mars Radio Mix)
Fur Cups For Teeth - Fur Cups For Teeth
Eden Automatic - Pink Blues

Playlist 12.21.05

Emily Zuzik - O Come All Ye Faithful
Tresa Street -  Christmas of Love
Lynn Geyer -  Christmas All Year Through
Kathy Fleischmann  - Mystery of the Midwest
MarinaV -  On This Christmas Night
Fresh Nelly  - Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer
Waiting For Her -  You re A Mean On Mr. Grinch
Rustie Blue -  All I Want for Christmas is You
Lisa Brigantino  - It s Christmastime
Nadine Goellner  - It Must Be Christmas Time
Melissa Gibson  - Do You Hear What I Hear?
Society's Child - Santa Moon
Andi Hayes  - Pods of Winter
Martha's Trouble - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

For a little whipped topping, perhaps an acoustic rendition of a holiday favorite by Doug if we get lucky!!


Triprocket - That's What I Want

Playlist 12.28.05

Two Harps - Silent Night
Heather Leona - It's Christmas Time
Jan Seides - To Give Us Peace
Annie Lin - Day After Christmas
Patti Witten - Change of Heart
Martha's Trouble - Christmas Song
Lynn Geyer - The Magic of Christmas Day
Rustie Blue - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Annette Warner - Ole' Mrs Kringle
Kathy Fleischmann - Christmas Train
Miss Behavin' - Dirty Little Elf
Judith Kate Friedman - Chanukah Tonight
Trish Lester - The Christmas
Leah Zicari - Thursday in December
Rosa Minstrels - What Child Is This?
Riddle the Sphinx - Christmas Medley Duet
Tobacco - Frosty Says Hey!





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