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Our 24/7 NetteRadio Artist Channel will launch 1/1/2013 

NetteRadio proudly announces the launch of the NetteRadio CHRISKWANZMANUKAH Channel featuring original and cover holiday songs from NetteRadio Artists running 24/7! Starting 1/1/13 you will be able to listen to all of our NetteRadio artists through our regular 24/7 NetteRadio Artists channel. We've switched from a weekly live show to a monthly live show (every 2nd Wednesday) to conincide with our monthly fundraiser showcases at The Talking Stick in Venice, CA. (see events for more info on showcases!)  The chatroom will be open during our Second Wednesday broadcast, 6-8p PST! Follow us on Facebook/Twitter for more info and updates!


More shows and events! If you want to submit to NetteRadio events & showcases make sure you are on our playlists. There is a section for events at the end.

Now and Then show. Our Now and Then show features 2 songs from an artist.. their most recent CD and one from the past. Email me if your not sure what we have on file.. we'd like to do this monthly! We do need a separate Artist Release form for each CD! Thanks!


OMG look it's been an entire year and instead of listing news I'm just holding events...haha.

Obviously we are VERY busy here in sunny LA. The news is.. we're busy, life is good, we're happy. So check the EVENTS page. haha. :-) Hope to see YOU at a show!


In April 2007 NetteRadio relocated to Los Angeles! It has been a great move as we have had the opportunity to work with so many of the wonderful artists we play regularly on NetteRadio. We miss our Dallas friends, to be sure, but are having a wonderful time on the West Coast!


Our shows were a great success! I'll get the photos up soon! Thanks to all of the sponsors and artists and everyone who participated!!

Dallas GoGirlsMusicFest - benefiting Operation Kindness
Sat Oct 13 - Opening Bell Coffee

Long Beach GoGirlsMusicFest - benefiting Operation Santa Paws
Thurs Oct 18 - Liquid Lounge

LA GoGirlsMusicFest - benefiting Casitas Hotel for Cats!
Sat Oct 20th - Maude Carrin Boutique (in the Courtyard)   

Sept 8. 2007

NetteRadio Listening Party II
at Maude Carrin Boutique! I will post pictures and the flyer.. another fabulous show!

August 25, 2007

The LAWMF was a great success! Check our MySpace page for pictures!

June 3, 2007

NetteRadio Listening Party I
at Maude Carrin Boutique! I will post pictures and the flyer.. It was a great success!


NetteRadio is no longer a part of 247 On-Air and BCNI-FM.
We've chosen to stick to our format but we wish the folks at 247 and BCNI all the best as we continue to focus on the bands and their music and informing the world about each and every band we come across!  We thank 247RAO and BCNI-FM for the opportunity and wish them luck!


NetteRadio is proud to announce we are now a part of 247 On-Air and BCNI FM. What does this mean for you? More opportunities for NetteRadio artists to reach a bigger, badder, better audience!



The ROCKRGRL Music Conference was a great success!  It was so great that I am ready to go again (suffering from post conference withdrawal disorder - so traumatic!)

I brought 675 CDS from 27 different Indie women artists which I successfully NetteWorked and distributed throughout the tradeshow attendees.  (that's right - I didn't bring one CD home!)

I received 41 new submissions and was able to put so many beautiful faces to the fabulous wonderful music that I play every week. It was thrilling to race from club to club to maximize the number of bands I could possibly see every night.

I feel like it was a great success!

A recap from Shredmistress Rynata:



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