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6-8PM PT/ 8-10PM CT

Please note our broadcast format has changed. NetteRadio now streams 24/7. Check out our CHRISKWANZMANUKAH channel now through 12/31/12. Starting 1/1/13 we will launch our NetteRadio Artists Channel. Please follow submissions instructions to be included. Other channels may appear/change over the coming months. Be sure to classify your songs "Alternative, Americana, Rock, etc) Thank you! 

Submission Instructions:


Note: we no longer accept CDs. Please scan/email or FAX the Artist Release Form to (FAX) 866-276-7399. If we do not receive an Artist Release Form within 30 days of receiving your MP3s your submission will be discarded.


READ the instructions on the Artist Release Form carefully! If you have ANY questions email us FIRST.

EMAIL SUBMISSIONS ONLY (SonicBids and preferred) to SUBMIT at NETTERADIO dot COM  If you are emailing multiple songs and are not utilizing  please send ONE song per email.

BIT RATE: 128Kbs is the max. Remember we stream the show and it is compressed. No need to send a larger file for us to store!

FORMAT: Encode your MP3s with the complete METADATA (commonly referred to as ID3 tags) or your songs will be rejected. (*NOTE we do not accept MP4, WMA, WAV, AIF or other formats) Winamp & Windows Media Player are simple MP3 converters for Windows; iTunes works for Mac (select MP3)

NAME YOUR SONGS: Artist Name Ė Song Title.mp3 (all other formats will be rejected)

MASTER YOUR TRACKS: Songs that are not mastered will drop in level. Do not send un-mastered tracks

EPK/DPKs from Sonic Bids, AirPlay Direct, Music Submit, etc.

We will accept the above HOWEVER you must first submit your Artist Release Form and provide the direct link TO you EPK along with a downloadable MP3 link. NOTE: If your songs are not encoded with the proper Metadata your submission will be rejected. If we cannot download a complete song (only a sample) your submission will be rejected. If we have to contact you repeatedly to complete your submission, your submission will be rejected. WHY? Because we do this FOR YOU. SO.. Make this simple.. Send the complete info the FIRST TIME and we'll get you on the show!.

FAX:  1-866-276-7399


(do not send me THIS page. PRINT THE FORM!)

IMPORTANT SPAM FILTER: please include SUBMIT: and your band name in the subject line

If you have any questions or problems with the above process, please email info AT

While we do not accept CDs for submission if you would like to donate merchandise to be given away at our monthly showcases please send it to:

'Nette Radio
Annette Conlon
P.O. Box 5525
Culver City, CA 90231-5525
ATTN: Nette Radio

We appreciate your support. We use your merch to help raise money for the various benefits we organize. We always make sure the audience knows who YOU are!!

Maximum 3 songs per release.
 Do not send entire CD unless requested.
Make sure to have your Metadata/ID3 tags encoded on ALL MP3s submitted!
Songs must be under FIVE minutes in length for standard play on NetteRadio
and must not contain profanity.
*If you submit multiple Releases please include a separate Artist Artist/Band Information Form for each CD. Donít forget to submit Holiday Songs!

SPECIAL SHOWS - - - - - - -

Holiday Themes are GROOVY!  Send in your Valentine's, Mother's Day, 4th of July, Halloween or Holiday/New Year's, etc - We will play all kinds!  Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, and of course anything about Reindeer!!!  Please mark the holiday songs!

Love/Hate Show: Feb   DEADLINE for submission Jan 15, 2013

Fright Show:  Oct.  DEADLINE for submission Sept 15, 2013

Winter Holiday Shows: Dec and Jan   - CHRISKWANZMANACHA Shows are FUN! 

Submit your holiday music no later than November 14th for inclusion in our 2010 CHRISKWANZMANACHA/Holiday shows! Remember we play all genres both originals and covers (get your licensing for the song) and are not religion specific. So let's celebrate our diversity together!  :)

NOTE: we will be off Dec19th and Dec 26th (Christmas Eve and celebrating the New Year)
Happy Holidays to you all! 
DEADLINE for submission NOV 15, 2012


Compilation CDs: We are proud to help you promote compilation CDs, especially those for a cause. Help NetteRadio out and send us the CD along with as much information about the Cause, other bands contact info, etc. Keep in mind we can only play the female fronted artists on the CD. Include URL of where to buy the CD, etc!


*Music submitted to Nette Radio becomes the property of Nette Radio to use royalty free at any time. (It's fine print, so I made it fine :>o)


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