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Playlist 1.3.07

MaryBeth D'Amico - Jimmy
Sue Merchant - Fool
Techno Squirrels - Mute
Aileen Paron - Skyscrapers
Candida Rose - For All You've Done for Me (Pa Tude Ki Bo Faze' Pa Mi)
Jehan - Melts Me
Heavy Creatures - Mid Night Mares
Gypsy Piano Blues - Roll With Me Baby
Kitty Rose - Buckin' Hay
The Bummkinn Band - Snowman in the Freezer
Shannon and Iceberg Noel - Wonderland
Julie Clark - The Naked Song (I)
Patti DeRosa - Curbside Rhapsody (I)
Valerie Webb - Black Butterfly (I)
Vicki Blankenship - Horizons (I)
Eden Automatic - Utopia


Playlist 01.10.07

Suzanne Brooks - I Can't Give You Anything But Love
Ashley Wool - You Got Me There
Maren Morris - Popular Girl
Nina Jo Smith - Dreamcatcher
Sue Merchant - Hey Drew
Kelda - Special
Christine Rachelle - Ring of Fire
Sonya Heller - Before the Storm (I)
Julian aka Cookie Cutter Girl - Jenny (I)
Linq - Irish Lass (I)
Mary Karlzen - Sun and Moon (I)
Ember Swift - No Regrets
Carrie Wade - It's Just Blood
Chica y Los Gatos - Perfect Weather
Poor Wendy - I'll Fly Away
Bandmates - Pressure
Eden Automatic - Russian Blue

Playlist 01.17.07

Elaine Romanelli - Fly
Talia Segal - Been There
Lenore - The Hippie Song
gfire - Less Is More
The American Mood - Just Walk Away
*** CD PREVIEW ***
Margaret MacDonald - Rain On the Roof
Still 21 in my Head
Cry For You
Rain on the Roof
Tracy Rice - I've Been There Before (I)
Carey Colvin - Let It Flow (I)
Anne Carol Mitchell - The Water Breaks (I)
Athena Reich - Merry Go Round (I)
Crosswind - Save Me
Abigails Attic - In The City
Dragstrip Kitty - Over
Daize Shayne - Way Out
From The Other Side of the Bed - Eden Automatic

Playlist 01.24.07

Dawn DeSimone - Little Flower
Carla Hassett - Not Real Love
Shanna Underwood - Dream Next To Me
Genevieve - So Good For Me
Tey - That's How I Feel Tonight
Aoede - Leap of Faith
Daize Shayne - No Way Out
Kat McGivern - Alice Lost
Bandmates - Distant
Joy Missile - Porcupine
Brooke Trout - Suburban Cocktail
Scarlett Pomers w/ Jak Paris - The Chain
Plankton - Need
Elsie Law - Fly or Die
Honey Tongue - I Wanna Go
Carlyn Hutchins - - I Don't Know Why
Crazy Aunt Mary - Run Into the Sun
Carol Martini - Surfer Chick
Eden Automatic - Thus

Playlist 01.31.07

Malea McGuiness - Too Beautiful to Stay
ODi - Lost Souls
Eleanor Purcell - Like an Angel from Above
Carrie Wade - The Old Ways
Sally Cooper - The Apple of Temptation
Tanja Ward - I'll Be By Your Side Forever
10" Maria CD Preview "ALL GIRL ALL THE TIME"
   10" Maria - Get In My Bed
   10" Maria - Spider
   10" Maria - Mother
Susan Cantey - One Man Woman
Christine Havrilla - Really, Really Good Kiss
Emily Herring - Has Country Gone to Hell
Iris Leu - You Are Love to Me
H is for Hellgate - Description of the New Art
Eden Automatic - Starved

Playlist 02.07.07

Jo Beth Henderson - Moonlight Shining (I)
Joni Laurence - Just a Movie (I)
Sue Schnitzer - My Dreams (I)
Julie Larson - Someone Like You (I)
Laurie Miller - Loser Magnet (I)
Nancy K Dillon - O Susanna (I)
Shanna Sharp - Where You Wanna Go (I)
Larissa Jaye - All This Empty Sky (I)
Better Off Dad - Fragile
Jen Foster - Taking Bob Dylan
Laura Lockie/Charles King - Something Good
Emily Zuzik - Breaking It Down
3 Kisses - Girls Night
Mary Lemanski - Lullaby
Hallie Loren - Kitty
Sonic Orchid - I Just Wanna Know
Red to Violet - It's The Soul
Eden Automatic - Utopia

Playlist 02.14.07 Love/Hate Show

Nina Jo Smith - Make Love Not War
Susan Cantey - You Used to Love Me
Tamaras - Sad Kisses
Olivia McMillen - My Own Love Song
Jana Pochop - Love & Weather
Christine Rachelle - Love Me Tender
Lisa Richards - Mad Mad Love
Lisa Smith-Disappointed
Ebony Evans - Yes I Do
Katie Davis - she Hates Love Songs
Lauren Hoffman - Love gone wrong
Kate & Kacey Coppola - Circle Around
Fluttreffect - Venus Loves Hades
The Marianne Pillsbury - When U Were Mine
Frankenstein's Alibi - User
Kacey Jones - Waitin' For the Guy to Die
Crash Henry - Take Me
MojoMama - Blues For You
Alaria Taylor - Unfinished Business
Scarlett Pomers w/ Jak Paris - Valentine
Eden Automatic - Undress

Playlist 02.21.07

Colleen C. Clark - Under Your Spell
Kris Miller - Buckets
Danan Healy - Beautiful
Chelsey Austin - No Reason Why
Kathy Greenholdt - Summer's Through
Dawn DeSimone - Excuse Me

***CD PREVIEW*** Carlyn Hutchins - Lust Love Lost
Carlyn Hutchins - I Don't Know Why
Carlyn Hutchins - Sweet Young Thing
Carlyn Hutchins - Urban Tragedy

Melissa Lewis - Think of Me (I)
Marybeth D'Amica - Jimmy (I)
Viva DeConcini - Girl In A Boat (I)
Tammy Stamps - I'll Never Leave (I)
Caryn Kupferman - Bigger Than Me (I)
Drowning Girl (Formerly known as HiLL) - Dead or Alive
Harlow - The Box
Eden Automatic - The Truth

Playlist 02.28.07

Tinstad and Rumbel - Carolina
Sue Merchant - Hey Drew
The American Mood - Just Walk Away
Leah Abramson - Exit Plan
Margaret MacDonald - Still 21 in My Head
The Kate Dunphy Band - Outside Up and Inside Down
Tagyerit - Deranged

***CD-PREVIEW*** Kitty Rose - "Live at the Ryman"
Kitty Rose - Where the Heck is Hopeland
Kitty Rose - Buckin' Hay

Danan Healy - The Only Way (I)
Linq - Who I Need to Be (I)
Sue Jeffers - Heart on My Shoulder (I)
Dina Gathe - Story (I)
Jana Losey - Messy Little Happiness (I)
Queen Esther - Talkin' Fishbowl Blues
Alyssa - Getcha' Groove On
Karen DeBiasse - You Love Hate
Triprocket - Immigrant Song
Sonic Orchid - I Just Wanna Know
Eden Automatic - Russian Blue

Playlist 03.07.07

Mary May - One Day
Monika Herzig - It's All Over Now
Carla Hassett - Not Real Love
Stephanie Sanders - Can I

***CD PREVIEW*** Linq - Change the Picture George
Linq - Change the Picture
Linq - George Orwell Where Are You

Electron Love Theory - The Perfect Lie
Susan Souza - Makes You Fall (I)
Maren Christenson - All Kinds of Sexy (I)
Liz Solomon - Imaginary Girl (I)
Meg Braun - Tomboy Princess (I)
ODi - Crawl
Lana Lane - White Rabbit
Harlequin Jones - Zombie Vampire from Hell
Dirt Poor Robins - The Hollywood Song
Amanda Rootes - Gently Breaking
Eden Automatic - Say You're Sorry


Playlist 3.14.07

Melissa Mullins - Ocean (GGM)
Lisa Richards - Mad Mad Love  (GGM)
gfire - blue light (GGM)
Emily Herring - No Se Parece a Nada (GGM)
Bittybox - Smalltime
3 Kisses - Let's Dance (RMS)
Dirt Poor Robins - The Hollywood Song (RMS)
Tiffany Petrossi - Wise Eyes (RMS)
Cynova - The Other Side of You
Danan Healy - Beautiful (GGM)
Ann-Marita - Alive and Kicking (GGM)
Jana Pochop - Damn Good Wishful Thinker (GGM)
Emily Zuzik - Breaking It Down (GGM)
Rachael Sage - Sacrifice (GGM)
Carissa Plumm Chapman - Sailors and Soldiers
Vanessa Van Spall - I Couldn't Cry
Shelly Knight and the Livin' Dead - The Way You Move (RMS)
Eden Automatic - From The Other Side of the Bed (GGM)

GGM = Artists from Invasion of the GoGirls at SXSW
RMS = Artists from Rockin' Moms Official Showcase at SXSW




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