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Playlist for 01.02.08

Caroline G Gibson - Witness
Che Zuro - 12 Hours
Beth Wimmer - Self Righteous SOB
Carmen Chiles - Nobody Knows
Christine Rachelle - Time in A Bottle
Linda Bonadies - Soak Up the Rain
Cody Marks - Push And Pull
Lauren Fincham - Yesterday Boy
ODi - What You Deserve
High Cotton - Pictures
The Venus Mission - Piece of Mind
***CD Preview - Julie Ann Bertram - Woe Is Me ***
   Julie Ann Bertram - Time
   Julie Ann Bertram - Wasted on Me
   Julie Ann Bertram - A Love Song
Michele Vreeland - I'm a Person
Bandmates - Distant
Virtual Live Band - Free Flow
Baxter House - Dissociative Personality Disorder
Evolution - Lasting Waves
Annette Conlon - Zombie (live)

Playlist 1.16.08

Vanessa Peters - July
Valerie Jay & Americanos - Pacific Time
Toni Sicola - Another Thing Coming
The Golden Chariots of Mars - Meridian Oblivion
Amy Clarke - Fight or Flight
Cynthia Bennett - Mother Ireland's Daughters
Katie Davis - she Hates Love Songs
Kiara - Caterpillar Eyes
Lyza Wilson - In Your Face
Crosswind - Save Me
Suzka - Make it Better
The Eyeshadows - Lets Go
Ellee Ven - You Can Buy Me
Runhoney - All Wrong
Corday - Starfish
Kanary - Can't Stop Crying
Kanary - Baby it's You
The Flairs - Stay The Same
Talk Engine - Beating the Deuce
Vienna Skye - Who Am I
Brooke Trout - Winter
Deborah Crooks - Turn it All Red
Eden Automatic - Undress


Playlist 01.23.08

Beverly Ritz - By Rowdy Creek
Leah-Carla Gordone - Let It Flow
Lo-Fi Sugar - The Night Divine
Mara Tease - Touch of Your Hand
Nadia Lanfranconi - Here I Am Again
Laura Lockie & Charles King - Guilty
Jen & Abby - Destroy Me
Carol Martini - 99 Reasons
Kelly's Lot - Broken Down (LIVE - GoGirlsMusicFest 07)
Laura Delallo - More Than Just a friend
Michelle Mangione - I've Become
Lauren Flaherty - Across the Sea
gfire - Defragment the Soul
Girl on Top - Heaven's on the Way
Laureta Meci - Respect Me
Sh!tting Glitter - Delay
Wendy Loomis - Jah Provide
Gravity Burn - Falling Down
Red Lotus - Superwoman
Anton Mink - Armies
Eden Automatic - Boots


Playlist 01.30.08

Christine Rachelle - Time in A Bottle
Arlene Kole - Time Stands Still
Celeste Terrell - Angels or Demons
Maren Morris - Fragile
Amy Clarke - Not Your Landscape
Genevieve - So Good for Me
Jess Day and Live & Lie- Helpless
Fiona Hawkins - Crystallized Love
   Miracle Worker
   Sushi Worker
Five Foot Nine - Sugar
Karen Hart - Smooth Sailing
Rhythm and the Method - Indigo Children
Davina Robinson - Making Love to your Girlfriend
Baxter House - Dissociative Personality Disorder
Zoe Scott - Wildflower
Eden Automatic - Russian Blue

Playlist 2.13.08 (Love/Hate show)

Betty Blowtorch - Love Hate
Linq - Ready for Love
Laurie Miller - Loser Magnet
Lisa J Aston - Angel Heart
Jennifer Corday - Single
Nikki O Neil - Unbearable Love
Karen Naomi - Bitterness Remains
Patsy Grind - Call It Love
Jo Bywater - Smokescreen
Ruthie Bram - So You Want My Love
Sh!tting Glitter - Mechanically Separated Chicken
Michele Vreeland - Wanted to Say
Sean Wiggins - Next Time Around
Debbie Hennessey - Love Might Change Your Mind
Waiting 4 Wyatt - Falling Apart
Carol Martini - Love Is
Alyse Black - Don't Give Me One Kiss
Che Zuro - Stay Forever
Danan Healy - Despise You
Faith Gibson - Alley Cat Love Song
Denise Vasquez - Broken Promises
gfire - Red
Eden Automatic - From The Other Side of the Bed

Playlist 02.27.08

Trish Lester - It's Just a Cookie
Sonya Heller - Before the Storm
Sandy Andina - Ghosts and Angels
Bandmates - Heartache from Mars
Virtual Live Band - In a Sense
Sally Cooper - The Apple of Temptation
Shauna Burns - Around You
Pamela Lynn - Voices Of Influence
Antoinette Tredanary - You Make Me Crazy
Shanghai Lily Dublin - Love Is A Clown
The Cucumbers - Bridge Of Love
Kathy Greenholdt - Mary, Mary
Stark - 18 Again
Stark - Oh No
Stark - This Day
28-200 - I Kiss U
Poet in Process - LSD
Rhythm and the Method - Same Ol' Bullsh!t
Fuji Minx - You Taught Me Well
Osirus - Under A Spell
Eden Automatic - Russian Blue

Playlist 03.05.08

Alaria Taylor - Bread or Water
Anne Carol Mitchell - The Water Breaks
Crazy Aunt Mary - Last One Home
Tim and Renee Quail - What If
Cathy Anne McClintock - I Wanna Live Like That
Cheryl Bliss - Last Chance
Christin Cook - You Don't Even Know
Beth Wimmer - Self Righteous SOB
Bastet - Without You
Brooke Trout - Winter
Maxine Young - Hope
Empire ISIS - Get up on It
Daize Shayne - WAY OUT
E Laine - Le Shopping Spree
Emily Zuzik - Breaking It Down
Michelle Suesens - Gray
Moldig - New world
Elke Robitaille - Gravity
Elaine Romanelli - Fly
Kelly's Lot - Broken Down
Annette Conlon - Zombie

Playlist 03.12.08

Annie Benjamin - Surface of Moon
Michelle Suesens - Back To You
Fiona Hawkins - Crystallized Love
Maren Morris - Here I AM
Annabella - Sun is King
Ruthie Bram - Will She
Julie Lloyd - Insomnia Song
Crosswind - Save Me
Rachel Sage - Wildflower
Vanessa Van Spall - Save Me
Deborah Crooks - Turn It All Red
Aoede - I Lost, You Win
Aoede - Annalis
Aoede - Scratch the Surface
gfire - Red
Osirus - Under A Spell
Shelly Knight And The Livin' Dead - Love Like A Wheel
3 Kisses - Let's Dance
Aura - Lead Me On
Eden Automatic - Thus

Playlist 03.19.08

Christene Le Deoux - Sweet Patty
Aural Heather - Remain
Arlene Kole - Wife and a Mother
Danielle Egnew - Swinging At Nothing
Carla Hassett - Julia
Carrie Clark - Adeline
Alice Donut - Everybody Is On Sale
Astrid Chevallier - Running Away
Sara Wendt - King Of Ghosts
Jen Elliott - Crazy
Rhythm and the Method - Indigo Children
Julie Neumark - Dimestore Halo
Runhoney - Rooftop Song
Sh!tting Glitter - Delay
Jennifer Corday - Starfish
Xiomara Medina - Encounter of Passion
Malynda Hale - Think Again
Maggie Kim - Gimme One
Eden Automatic - Russian Blue






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